Tranquility, with cigarette butt and traffic

Johns Pass, April 16 – After parting ways with the affable Willie Broox Webster Jr., I packed up my stuff, said goodbye to Taylor and began the short walk back to the motel.
I encountered no bridge openings. Not this time. I was struck by a great blue heron which stood in a small viewing area near the middle of the bridge. The only other animals nearby were a young fisherman and me. The big bird was oblivious to us. It exuded a haughty disdain for our pettiness.
I can’t get over these laid-back herons. They’re so cool. In western Washington, if you so much as gaze in their direction they unleash a squawk of protest and fly off in a huff. Out here in this magical mystery world, it seems you could reach out and pet them.
You’re so cute, Mr. Heron.  They may not be cute, but they are fascinating.
It was too much to bear. I stopped, unpacked the camera and took a few photos. Then I took a brief video.
I like it. It’s got all the wonder of life on earth. It blends the majesty of nature with the wonder of technology against the backdrop of man’s unspeakable filth.
Here it is:

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