the road to nobody knows quite sure where

The beauty, the beast and the kid, who looks like he's trying out for a role in a Dickensian workhouse epic. Hopefully he'll display the wisdom and patience to keep this thing together and on the road ...

mired in an epic rut, imprisoned by inertia, drowning in a sea of ennui.
that’s me.
days and nights spent as if they were infinite, hunched over laptop and carried by the relentless, tidal pull of internet banality.
a herculean effort is required to assemble this ephemeral introduction to this journal of no very wide circulation.
prosaic and pretentious, with apologies to mr. thoreau.
but here we sit.
(it was) friday, sept. 16, 2011.
four months to prepare for the odyssey of a lifetime, languishing in a purgatory of our own design, awaiting a push from the divine.
dramatis personae: a 4-year-old boy, a 10-year-old cat, a (mostly) patient wife and a ramshackle narrarator, at long last piled into a 21-foot gas gourmand, which was manufactured in tandem by toyota and winnebago back in the previous century, and begin an unscripted ramble across america’s ineffable and well-chronicled landscape.

… and the forgiving feline, unwitting cross-country traveler and always-faithful friend: the one and only lester beans
so let me apologize up front for the superfluous chronicling to come.
not to mention the profligate spilling of the world’s dwindling oil reserves, and the attendant assault upon an increasingly beleaguered environment.
at least we’ll be doing our dirty part in summoning the apocalyptic horrors of peak oil, a dubious undertaking that should please my mercurial friend, the criminally obscure songwriter/musician/activist/beer can sultan jefferson pepper.
i almost forgot to mention that jefferson pepper, while he may be home preparing for the unforgiving winters of central pennsylvania’s conewago mountains, will accompanying this trip in spirit. Nine summers ago he appointed himself to the role of my spiritual advisor, and i see no reason to relieve him of his duties now.

i found this j-pep photo in google images, right next to thomas jefferson. a veritable two of a kind.

preliminary journeys have been completed, three in all.
they have taught us much. only time will tell if we have learned anything.

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