r.i.p. steve jobs, continued

the fourth estate est mort! vive le fourth estate!
i thought i was done with this shit.
but here i am, back at the mcdonald’s in milpitas, where a wayward scribe can recharge his computer in complete obscurity.
and cnn’s comprehensive, all-out, enveloping, retrospective jobs blow job shows no sign of waning. you’d think cnn was the cupertino caller-picayune.
all jobs, all the time.
turns out, if i’d been paying attention and not spending so much time gazing into my navel with self-pity, i’d have learned a few important things.
in the interest of harmony and decency, let’s take a quick, inspiring trip down memory lane.
remember when:
steve jobs earned his first million with walt disney?
steve jobs shocked the world by brokering a lasting middle east peace agreement, ending a seemingly intractable, ancient conflict?
steve jobs personally eradicated world hunger with his revolutionary iFeed machine?
steve jobs defied all the generals and all the corporate profiteers and all their political lackeys and personally brought american troops home from of iraq and afghanistan?
steve jobs fought cancer harder and with greater courage than any man has ever fought cancer, only losing in the end because, reportedly, god is belatedly going digital and needs a good technology czar?
steve jobs, mired in the throes of death, selflessly and heroically gave the world one last gift when he ended the global economic crisis and ushered in an unprecedented age of peace and prosperity by unveiling the iPhone 5?
cnn was a serious news organization? yeah, me neither.

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