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A Visit to the Cooling Towers Costco

My mom wanted a ride to the local Costco the other day, and being a dutiful if somewhat disappointing son, I grudgingly obliged. We climbed into her gleaming Toyota Avalon, drove northeast through crumbling downtown Spring City, crossed the Schuylkill … Continue reading

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Autumn in Pennsylvania

We made Pennsylvania late Monday (Oct. 17), crossing into the state’s rural southwest corner after a quick pass through wild and wonderful West Virginia. It’s curious the way the mystic cords of memory, to borrow one of Lincoln’s timeless phrases, tug the heartstrings when you return to … Continue reading

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Getting our kicks on Route 66

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Bristow, Okla., Oct. 16. Sunday afternoon, and we’re still looking for the escape hatch from Oklahoma. We’re moving forward. Moving like a turtle on tryptophan. Looking for electricity and easy Internet access, we stumble into Stroud, where the hometown Tigers walloped the Holdenville High Wolverines, 60-6 on Friday … Continue reading

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Leaving Oklahoma, again

3 a.m., Sunday, Oct. 16, Norman, Okla. Fell asleep early and awoke in a 2 a.m. fog upon receiving a phone call from Kenny Via. One thing led to another, including a text-message exchange with Jun in Los Angeles, and now I am wide awake. Serenity reigns at the Interstate Drive … Continue reading

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Oklahoma is OK by me

Not really, I’m just joshing. Oklahoma sucks. In fairness, perhaps none of the current malaise is the fault of 46th state, though its interminable flatness besieges the senses at every turn. Flies are everywhere, as is Fox News. The landscape is … Continue reading

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Midnight desert blowout

Becky, aka Rhoda Morgenstern, and Max, having fun on Interstate 40, Kingman, Ariz., at 1 a.m. desert time This report is filed from Tucumcari, N.M., as I try to catch up on some stale tales from the western road. We … Continue reading

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The wildlife of Walmart

I’m pretty sure John has alluded to it before, but it is time to finally come clean about our dirty little secret.  We have stayed at Walmarts nearly every night of our journey. In fact, we seek them out. We program “walmart” … Continue reading

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